Foundation Repair Technologies




The most cost-effective foundation for building a country house is by far the foundation for technology-pile foundation TISE.Vid with monolithic reinforced-concrete grillage. The main difference between piles of IPB normal driving is an extension to its lowest chasti.Eto created by the special design of the drill, through which piles and drilled svai.Ushirenie bottom prevents heaving soils in winter push them up. Piles reinforced and filled it betonom.Posle put shuttering and poured monolithic rostverk.Shag piles, piles and reinforcement scheme grillage is calculated for each individual home on sheme.Rashod pile of concrete per-0, 12 cbm The pile has a large carrying capacity (10 tons). An additional advantage of such piles before the ordinary is the possibility to leave a foundation for the winter. Then as usual to load the pile (to build a box home) to avoid being pushed by the frost, even if the pile and laid below the depth promerzaniya.Eto a big plus when you consider that not every developer immediately find funds for the construction of the entire cycle. If we take the house project size in terms of 9h9m with one interior load-bearing wall, you will need to fill in 35 piles in increments of 1.5 m, which will take 4.2 cubic meters betona.Na grillage with a cross section 400h400mm will take another 7.2 cubic betona.Itogo -11.4 cubic meters of concrete. At the same Tape the foundation will take about 25 cubic meters of concrete, plus excavation work, plus armatura.Raznitsa in price can add up to two or three times. There is a considerable saving of both time and deneg.Rabotniki construction company ‘Phoenix Group’ to help you calculate and prepare a foundation. IPB indispensable foundation for the houses located near highways and railroads, not transmit vibration t.k.