Weatherproof Decorative




The basis for applying the decorative coating may be a wall of concrete, bricks, plasterboard, solid fiber board, particle board, all durable washable and resistant to abrasion old paint. The surface on which applied decorative plaster must be dry, clean, smooth as possible and not crumbling. Large defects need to putty. Valid shallow cracks and defects neobshirnye, not exceeding a depth of two thicknesses of deposited layers. Then, the surface should be covered with soil cementing. It must be done if the base rapidly absorbs water, such as plaster, porous, old, crumbling plaster. Decorative facade plasters – Thick cover it with a definite structure. The structure of the coating is determined by size and shape of particulate filler used tool, as well as technological methods of application.

The main advantages of their use include: – the requirements of careful preparation of several reasons reduced – high decorative properties of the coating – the plaster could be tinted in a wide range of colors – front cover have a high vapor permeability and mechanical – strength and resistance to Weatherproof – will facilitate further refurbishment of such coatings. Cover decorative plasters has finished appearance, but sometimes, to further improve performance and decorative qualities, plaster coating additionally painted. Paint the plaster coating, compared with smooth coatings require a much larger flow of paint. Decorative plaster themselves represent a significant material flow per unit area, therefore, such coatings have a high cost. Decorative facade plasters are an essential element of the external insulation systems. Choosing a plaster for the walls, the customer can be sure that you can get exactly what he expected: a designer have the opportunity to dream, to "play" with the material: to draw a picture, ornament, make a graphic figure. In order to reduce the cost of finishing and at the same time getting the color and style of interior solutions, you can trim parts of the room, alternating between the paint, plaster, mosaic and so on.