It would be excellent that there existed a special technique so the phone is virtually impossible to be damaged by water, from being stolen, or generally receive some kind of prejudice. Visit hilton family for more clarity on the issue. But as ultimately a normal mobile phone has been designed to be used by one person prone to accidents as it is self, is not to think in a secure mobile, if! a mobile insurance; as well as there are insurance for almost everything that surrounds us, from oneself, the car and the House, at present and with the important thing you go turning our mobile in everyday life, the need to offer insurance for mobile phones has seen. That is why that obtain a mobile phone insurance is is becoming more important every day, as much as it can be car or our policy of life insurance. Reading a bit on the web I found that you there are all types, i.e. ones that cover from theft, loss, accidental damage and liquid damage, as well as those who protect the mobile even when one leaves outside the country and this is very handy because in our globalized world is every day more frequent travel business or simply for vacationing and unless one wishes to seclusion on a hidden island and live as a hermit for a month, will have to be a form of communication. In Europe, the UK and large developing countries are already a reality, will soon also be in Latin countries so we are still in time to inform us about the companies and which offers the best insurance for mobile or which is the one that best fits our needs. Bolsadeseguros is a blog dedicated to collect and maintain up-to-date insurance information, in this case we wanted to leave information about insurance for mobile.