Stair Railings




Stair railings – are an integral part of any interior stairs. With the development of technology, barriers are becoming more elegant and easier. Wooden turned balusters, posts and railings replaced metal, stainless steel, aluminum and brass railings. They then provide this ease of construction. Fences made of stainless steel are durable, reliable, beautiful, but have some drawbacks. For example, pipes are not always Compliant requirements Standard and installation on the street, often appears corroded, especially in the field of welding, or due to mechanical damage.

Stainless steel dark with time, the handrail are fingerprints. And of course, the cost of fencing is the same high from the view. More expensive than just brass, but we will not affect them, because the metal that is used very rarely. Enclosures Black steel is the cheapest option. Often, to protect against corrosion using powder coating or plating. Both the first and the second method of corrosion protection is not very durable.

Powder coating eventually wears and chrome peeling off. Fences made of anodized aluminum the best option in terms of price and quality. Judge for yourself – Aluminum is durable and handsome, and deep Ano, besides giving colors (silver, gold, nickel, bronze) protects against environmental influences. On the properties of the fence anodized aluminum fences are not inferior to stainless steel, and their cost is much lower. Variants may be very different, with the mount, in step, the one and face, with the filling of the horizontal guard rail or vertical bars, injury-glass and much more. Aluminum profiles can also be decorated by the texture of wood or stone, which in itself is very original. All types of fencing are right to life, each has its pros and cons, choose all the same to you.