Peru Processes

Ethnic Peru is a corporation dedicated to the design, manufacture, display, marketing and export of woven garments in alpaca fiber. Since its inception six years ago, ethnic Peru has succeeded in creating products that are at the forefront of fashion, using the highest technology. His designs are inspired by the extraordinary artistic expression of the ancient Peruvians getting a product with style, tradition and culture. In all our processes, we focus our efforts in the preservation of the environment and the social projection. Mission to be the most important textile company in the Peru looking for the best national and international prestige offering products of high quality conscious of the great responsibility of dealing with such representative of the Peru products. Vision: Ethnic Peru’s mission to become the leaders in sales nationally. We opened stores in places more strategic and exclusive for our target audience. Always keeping our standards of quality in all processes and be at the forefront of technology to have a proper growth and return on investment.

Generate more employment specialist and learning in the best working environment. Values towards the target customer of our business management, for which we have been inconvenient and we anticipate your requirements and preferences. On the professional side is the transparency, honesty and efficiency in relations with customers, the competition and the market in general. The commitment as an organization is a shared vision that will ensure the loyalty and the integration of a management team with common purposes and objectives, prerequisite for the achievement of an efficient and effective business performance. Quality, ethnic Peru, is geared to constantly achieve the customer satisfaction through our products prepared with raw materials of top quality alpaca. In addition to the strict control in all processes that have existed since the beginning of the preparation of the product up to the customer’s purchase. More information on its website original author and source of the article