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Are you ready to take on new functions or new use of computers and technology specific to their functions? does the profile appropriate for Office needs behavioral and emotional intelligence?. Do you have goals and objectives in the commitments defined in the performance, requiring training and development? For this activity is suggested to review results of psycho-technical tests and/or profile applied to employees, the person/post alignment and results of evaluation of performance of the worker. IV. comparison of needs vs. market this stage of human development offerings should be developed by responsible for human development, once completed phases earlier and based on an internal analysis in order to identify the best suppliers according to the identified needs. If you want to know more about this topic and others of psychology, or if you want to make me a free and personalized online consultation enters in. psicologiaycoach. com/blog psychologist from Bogota Colombia, with additional training in cognitive therapy Behavioral psychologist, writer and Argentine columnist Walter Riso-driven.

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